At Good Day Pet Sitters, we understand that your pets are more than just cute furry friends. They are a part of your family. As much as you adore your pet, it’s not always feasible for you to bring them along on a vacation or business trip. While kennel boarding is always an option, the unfamiliar environment can bring your pet feelings of anxiety and can expose them to illnesses and parasites from strange pets. Good Day Pet Sitters provides a wonderful alternative to kennel boarding with at-home pet sitting – keeping your pets safe, sound, and comfortable during your absence.

Pet Sitting – The Most Comfortable Option for Your Pet

As professional pet sitters, our #1 goal is to maintain your pet’s wellbeing and security while you are away from home. One of the best ways to do this is to keep his surroundings familiar and routine uninterrupted. Your pet will be cared for by a friendly face, will get to play with his own toys, and can sleep in his favorite spot in the house – all of which will help him feel more comfortable in your absence. Customize our visits to suit your pet’s individual needs, with pet sitting services such as in-home care, feeding and treats, dog walking services and/or playtime, overnight stays, medication administering, and litter box cleaning.

Prior to your trip, we will schedule an in-home consultation during which your pet can meet his sitter in his own environment. This introduction is a key part to developing trust between the pet sitter and your pet.

Trustworthy Pet Sitters in Frisco & West Plano

We understand that you may be a little cautious when it comes to opening your home up to someone outside of your family while you’re away. However, when you choose Good Day Pet Sitters, you can rest assured that your pet and home are in trustworthy, dependable hands. Each of our pet sitters and dog walkers meets our high standards in responsibility, experience, and honesty, and has a clean background. We won’t open your home to anyone that we wouldn’t want in our own. We’re happy to schedule a meeting with your personal sitter in advance as well.

In addition, we communicate regularly with each of our clients our handy app for your phone. Our pet sitters will send photos and updates so that you can see your pet no matter where you are.

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